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First Annual Awarding of the Ashley Schlag Memorial Soccer Scholarship
Recipient: Emma Maclennan
March 16, 2013

Emma and Ashley...

​​We were thrilled to discover that the first recipient of the scholarship is someone who was very special to Ashley. Emma shares Ashley’s giving and caring spirit and plans on obtaining a nursing degree so she can help others in their time of need. She is a dedicated and talented athlete who plans to continue her soccer career as well. Emma is hard working and serious about her goals but always has time to reach out and mentor others. A natural leader, she is someone who Ashley looked up to and respected.

Emma understands the legacy that Ashley has left us and will be making Ashley and all of us proud as she continues her journey toward fulfilling her dreams.

Special moments...

​​The banquet was a lovely evening with inspiring words from many. Nicole urged the crowd to embrace the day and each other, appreciating the life and love they are blessed to have. Many were moved by these words and those of Emma as she graciously accepted the award.

John Herdman, coach of the Canadian Women's Bronze Medal Olympic Team mentioned how moved he was by Nicole and Graham and Ashley's scholarship's vision. He delivered an inspirational speech and asked to meet Nicole and Graham at the end the evening.

Desiree Scott was also in attendance and posed for pictures with the girls.

In appreciation...

We would like to thank our corporate sponsors for their support: Dawson Kennels, Denise Everett of Royal LaPage Realty, and Season’s Funeral Chapel.

We would also like to recognize the assistance offered by the Manitoba Soccer Association, especially Rob Gale for his sincere commitment to honouring Ashley’s memory.

Thanks to Jenna for speaking about the scholarship and introducing Nicole and Graham at the banquet.

Thank-you to the wonderful soccer community that was so special to Ashley. It has been through the efforts and generosity of so many friends and family that we are able to continue to award this scholarship annually.

And a very special thanks to Emma and her parents. This scholarship is only meaningful if deserving applicants who share Ashley's spirit of caring and giving embrace the opportunity. Thank-you for being such special people!

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