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First Annual Awarding of the Ashley Schlag Memorial Award for SCI Graduate 
Recipient: Sydni de Jong

June 26, 2013

Sydni and Ashley...

Sydni is a long-time friend, classmate, and teammate of Ashley's from her early Oakbank Soccer days. Sydni shares many of the the traits that made Ashley so special to so many. Hard working and athletic, she also shares Ashley's silliness and passion for life. Like Ashley, she is always ready with a smile and a helping hand! We know Ashley would be proud to know Sydni will be using her scholarship to help her realize her dreams.

With Appreciation...

Thank-you to the staff at Springfield Collegiate Institute for their guidance as we were setting up Ashley's scholarship.


Thank-you to our corporate sponsors and all others who have contributed to make the scholarship possible! Your generosity has been so amazing!


And a very special thank-you to all the applicants. Reading through your applications made us realize what a special group of young women we have in our community. It was a difficult decision and we wish all of you could have won!


Thank-you to the de Jong family. Sydni is a deserving recipient of Ashley's Scholarship and we acknowledge your contributions in raising such a special young woman!

Sydni's Poem to Ashley...


For Our Angel


We’re all a little different
It’s very clear to see
You my friend are special
One that means a lot to me


There are no words to put us at ease
Or words to explain
You were taken from us
Leaving us all in great pain


You’re in a place we know is safe
Looking over us
We pray that you hear us
But please don’t make a fuss


No one can hurt you
You’ll only feel love
No tears will fall down
From that land up above


No pain will be felt
You’re protected for eternity
No chains will hold you down
Forever you’ll be free


We know you were born to fly
Spread those wings and go
We’re all praying for the best
From here down below


Finish what you started
Complete the dream of yours
You will rise to the top
Rock it on heaven’s floors.


It’s time to move on
For us to let go
It’s never the end
Just so you know


You’ll never be forgotten
Always in our dreams
One day it’ll feel real
Crazy as it seems


You’ll be loved till the end of time
Never left behind
Thought of every moment
In all the laughter we will find


We’ll laugh a little louder
Cry a little harder
Smile a little larger
With you as our guarder


With faith nothing is impossible
As you learned to say
I have faith that perhaps
I will see you again someday


Sydni de Jong

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